Bayshore Networks and aDolus Forge Supply Chain Security Partnership

By Norma Dowler on July, 23 2020
Bayshore Networks and aDolus Forge Supply Chain Security Partnership

The aDolus FACT™ platform provides independent software update validation to ensure safe upgrades and a more secure supply chain

NANAIMO, BC, CANADA, July 22, 2020 -- aDolus Technology Inc., a global authority on software intelligence for critical infrastructure, today announced its partnership with Bayshore Networks, the leading provider of active protection cybersecurity solutions to protect the safety and integrity of industrial and critical infrastructure networks.

aDolus provides a platform called FACT™ for brokering security information regarding Industrial Control System (ICS) and IoT software and firmware. FACT aggregates information on software created by manufacturers of intelligent devices used in regulated and critical industries. Bayshore Network’s products are now included in the FACT platform, allowing their customers to perform firmware updates with confidence, confirming that the files they have are genuine, tamper-free, and Bayshore-approved.

“ICS supply chain attacks are on the rise, and an increasingly common route is to exploit the trust between asset owners and vendors. Bad actors bait-and-switch asset owners with counterfeit update or patch files, and technicians unknowingly load the files directly on critical IoT devices, bypassing their usual security safeguards,” said Eric Byres, inventor of the Tofino Firewall, and CEO of aDolus.

By partnering with aDolus and registering their products on the FACT platform, Bayshore has cut off the potential for this line of attack, allowing their customers to authenticate updates they receive prior to installation at no extra cost. Bayshore’s industrial security products, including their latest SCADAwall™ Industrial Airgap Bridge, actively protect sensitive, restricted assets such as PLCs and SCADA/DCS devices from unauthorized access and unsafe communications from IT networks or other untrusted domains.

Our customers can now confirm the authenticity of upgrade packages prior to installation through an independent source, making the protection delivered by Bayshore solutions even more robust

said Kevin Senator, CEO of Bayshore Networks. “Further, this adds a component of verifiable compliance for supply chain regulatory requirements such as NERC-CIP-013-01 and 010-3. Given the threat landscape, we’re very pleased to be partnered with aDolus to provide our joint customers higher software integrity assurance.”

About aDolus Inc.
aDolus provides an ecosystem called FACT (Framework for Analysis and Coordinated Trust) for brokering information about IoT and Industrial IoT software. FACT helps facilities determine if updates are safe to install on mission-critical devices. FACT aggregates information from vendors, asset owners, system integrators, consultants, and security researchers, and applies decades of security expertise to build a “FACT score” of trustworthiness. Much like a FICO credit score, FACT makes it quick and easy to make installation decisions, enforce policies, and ensure governance of security processes via an audit trail. Visit us at or for access to the free version of FACT platform, visit

About Bayshore Networks
Bayshore Networks is the leading provider of active industrial cybersecurity protection solutions specifically designed for OT environments, automation engineers, and plant operators. The company created SCADAfuse®, SCADAwall™ and OTaccess™ to address the digital and physical security risks which can compromise the safety and availability of OT environments. Their solutions securely protect ICS systems, SCADA, industrial applications, networks, machines, and workers from cyber threats. Bayshore Networks is backed by ForgePoint Capital, Benhamou Global Ventures and Bayshore technology is in use by GE, Kimberly Clark, AT&T, and water districts and wastewater treatment sites across the United States. For more information, email or visit us at

Norma Dowler
Norma Dowler

Norma is the Marketing Director at aDolus Technology Inc and inexplicably leveraged a degree in 19th century American literature into an entire career in technology. She is particularly fond of the technology that keeps civilization ticking along.

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